Sept. 2012 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes

Sept 4, 2012

JACC Housing Committee Meeting Minutes


Robert Dwyer- guest

Scott Wylie- guest

Todd Heintz- Board

Polly Peterson- Committee Chair

Sandy’Ci Moua- staff

Jeff Skrenes- Committee member


1. Past Committee Minutes- review and approve: pending.


2. Guest: Scott Wylie and Robert Dwyer from Friends of the Theodore Wirth Par 3:

Vote on guest’s request for Housing Committee to approve going forward to propose Board support of resolution to:

a) Protect the 100 year old oak trees. No design changes for the historic 18 hole golf course.

b) Protect Bassett Creek. No mountain bike event trails along Bassett Creek.

c) Protect the Par 3 golf course. No expansion of snow-making for cross-country ski trails.

UPDATES: Wylie and Dwyer presented. See materials.

October 2012: When the Park Board will release the draft of the master plan for public comment.

CONSENSUS: JACC will wait to comment when this 45-day public comment period ends. Polly will bring this to the Board for further input.


3. New business:

• November Housing Committee meeting will be moved to Nov. 13th due to Nov. 6th election day.

• Jeff Skrenes: discussed a possible Housing Committee project: Winterizing vacant homes. This would consist of ID’ing properties then assigning it to people to track down the asset manager of the mortgage company that owns these vacant homes to ensure the homes are properly winterized. This process can start in the Fall. Jeff mentioned talking to Jill K on getting vacant Jordan properties Jeff can take on some tasks of navigating the mortgage companies.

• Second idea by Jeff: developing a list of high quality private developers who JAC C can alert them to available vacant home for purchase and rehab.


4. Old business: None discussed


5. Adjourn: 8:00pm