2018 Affordable Housing Trust Fund

The City of Minneapolis is preparing the 2018 Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) Program Request for Proposal.  The Program’s purpose is to help finance the production, preservation or stabilization of affordable rental housing in Minneapolis.  The document can be found at the link included and the changes are highlighted in yellow http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/cped/rfp/AHTF_home

There are a number of changes proposed this year including:

Changes to Part 1, Program Policies and Procedures:

  • Section V Revised language regarding funding not awarded in the current round to move forward on a pipeline based on established criteria;
  • Section V Revised language regarding Large Family Housing Initiative Fund requirement;
  • Section VII A Additional language regarding HOME funds;
  • Section VIII P Additional language regarding Developer Fee Limits;
  • Section VIII DD Leverage deleted;
  • Section VIII FF Updated information regarding Property Management Plans;
  • Section VIII GG New section on Tenant Selection Plans with new Attachment 17;
  • Section VIII NN Additional language regarding rental housing assistance requirements;
  • Section VIII SS New language regarding rent structures for underwriting;
  • Section VIII VV Updated language regarding Self Scoring
  • Section VIII BBB Updated language regarding advertisements;

Changes to Part 2, Scoring Criteria:

  • New Introductory paragraph;
  • Section I Revised language regarding underwriting criteria and requirements (see revised Attachment 9 as well)
  • Section III A Revised points for secured funding;
  • Section III D New section regarding City priorities;
  • Section III E Revised language for clarification regarding economic integration;
  • Section III G Revised language consistent with updated language in RFP policy for Large Family Housing;
  • Expiring Tax Credit Section Delete
  • Leverage Section Delete

The document can be found at the link below and the changes are highlighted in yellow.


Comments regarding these proposed changes are being accepted for the next 45 days between the date of this letter and 4:00 p.m., CDT, on April 30, 2018.  Deliver or mail comments to the following:

Minneapolis CPED

             Attn: Carrie Goldberg

             105 5th Avenue South, Suite 200

             Minneapolis, MN 55401


             [email protected]