a sneak peek at the gas station remodel at Fremont and West Broadway

I received an email about some proposed changes to the Fremont and Broadway Gas Station in Jordan.

West Elevation ProjectOverview GasStation3D2

SOUTH ELEVATION Neighbors Logo Option B

SitePlan GasStation3D4

Original Email below

Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who aren’t aware, the
gas station at the corner of Fremont and West Broadway was bought by a new owner
late last year, and he has been making some improvements to the gas station (new
pumps, new security cameras, etc…)  I have been working with him the last
couple of months on plans for a complete remodel, including a new facade,
improved signage, tasteful mural, and even a new name and logo.

We are still at a schematic design phase, but he wanted me to pass along some
information about the project to you all and encourage you to give us some
feedback on the design.

On that note, to offer feedback, I would recommend 2 things:
1.  Email my work email:  [email protected] AND
2.  Pop into his store, where he has a binder for customers to look at which has
more images and information about the project.  If you like what you see, feel
free to write some comments on the blank pages in the binder, and also let the
owner know that you appreciate his willingness to invest in our neighborhood
with quality design!  🙂

So, some floor plans, exterior elevations, and perspectives are attached here,
as well as a conceptual logo and a schematic of the mural. Please read the
attached word document or PDF of the Project Overview for more information on
the project.

Finally, please bear in mind that these are schematic designs, only.  These are
not final construction documents, they have not going through permitting with
the city, and we have not finalized colors or finish materials yet.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
-Alissa D.Luepke Pier, AIA
(your neighbor from a few blocks north!)