Oct. 20, 2011- JACC Annual Meeting (6:30pm)

The board candidates are:  (alphabetical order)
Megan Goodmundson – resident
Kathleen Gulley – resident
Andrea Jackson – resident
Claudia Perez – resident
Polly Peterson – resident
Lynn Riskedal – resident
Dennis Wagner – resident
Annual Meeting info: Thursday October 20, Parkway United Church, 3120 Washburn Ave N, 6:30pm light meal, 7pm Meeting, child care arrangements are being worked on, if anyone can refer child care help please contact [email protected];
Highlights of the meeting will be 1) of course meeting and socializing with other Jordan neighbors; 2) possible visits from elected officials; 3) various community announcements; 4) annual reports from the JACC organization and committees; Note: if anyone has an interest in presenting or sharing something pertinent at the annual meeting please contact [email protected].
Maybe make a notation that anyone interested in possibly serving on the board should contact [email protected] because even after these elections interested volunteers can still be appointed in between election cycles.