April 13, 2011- JACC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

JACC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2011, 6:30-8:30pm

JACC House, 2009 James Ave N, Minneapolis

  1. Meeting was called to order at 6:34.

Members Present: Lynn Riskedal, Todd Heintz, Eric Johnson, Grant Janssons, Amy Blenker, Kathleen Gulley, Megan Goodmundson


Members Absent: Norris Roberts, James Kpoto, Dennis Wagner, Dave Haddy, Mike McCluskey (non-voting)


Guest: Anthony Sisinni from Sisinni Food Systems.   Several community members were present.


  1. Approval of meeting minutes February 9th, 2011. Megan Goodmundson motioned, Eric seconded a motion to approve. Motion passed. Approval of meeting minutes March 9, 2011. Eric motioned, Megan Goodmundson seconded a motion to approve the minutes. Motion passed.


  1. Additions to the Agenda. Todd Heintz added Sisinni’s to the Housing Committee section. Eric Johnson motioned, Amy Blenker seconded motion to approve agenda.


  1. Chair’s Announcements
    1. Community Listening Sessions @ North Regional Library: Third Thursdays: March 17 No action taken
    2. JACC House: Ackerberg will be making the house ADA compliant. Mike McCluskey arrived.
    3. Board seats open: The Chair recommended that the board begin connecting with community members to suggest participation on the neighborhood board.
    4. Roberta Englund is coordinating several Bike Fests for kids throughout North Minneapolis, on June 30th the event will be at Glengale Park in Jordan.


New Business. J.S. Futcher, a historian, came to present a book that he had written about the history of JACC. He shared some interesting historical community information. He offered a copy of the book to the organization at no charge. He also noted that the public library has a copy of the book. Emerge may have copies to purchase. No action taken


  1. Committee Reports No action taken
    1. a.       Finance Committee/Treasurer’s report. Dennis Wagner presented information on the organizations financials. Wagner also presented information about making the probation house ADA compliant. Dave Haddy arrived. An ad hoc  committee of Dennis, Amy and Grant was formed to investigate the probation house items. Dennis requested $500 to get plans for the ADA compliance. Todd Heintz motioned to accept a 4-year loan @6.75% for the probation house, Megan Goodmundson seconded the motion. 6 voted to support the motion. Eric Johnson and Amy Blenker did not support the motion. Motion passed. Lynn Riskedal put forth and Dave Haddy seconded a motion for the committee to investigate the probation house issues. The committee was given a budget of $1,000 and will come back to the board with recommendations on how to move forward with the probation house.
    2. Safety Committee. Todd Heintz shared information about recent burglaries in vacant houses Cottage Park. No action
    3. c.       Housing Committee . Polly, Housing Committee Co-Chair shared the housing committee’s actions to produce a community resource list to put up on the website. No action
    4. Communications Committee. No report, No action
    5. e.      Clean Sweep Committee. Clean Sweep date is set for Saturday, May 14th. Eric suggested that board members lead a team of 4-6 people in the quadrants. A pep rally is scheduled.  Eric moved and Todd seconded to spend up to $1500 at Eric’s discretion on the Clean Sweep event. 5 in favor, 4 opposed. Amy, Dennis, Megan, Dennis voted against.

Community request

Tony Sisinni from Mainstreet Bakery & Café came to request that JACC support their application for a liquor license. Todd Heintz put forth a motion and Eric Johnson seconded a motion to send a letter of support to Allison Lewis. 8 votes in favor. Kathleen Gulley opposed. Motion passed.


  1. Old Business
    1. Open meeting rules for neighborhoods. No action taken.


  1. VII.  New business. Eric put forth and Dave Haddy seconded a motion to approve Polly Peterson’s appointment to the JACC board. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. VIII.            Community Input-Output floor. Megan put forth and Todd seconded a motion to send $25 and a thank you letter to Mr. Futcher. Motioned passed unanimously.


  1. Closed meeting. Meeting was closed.


  1. Adjourn . Megan Goodmundson put forth and Todd Heintz seconded a motion to adjourn at 8:40.  Motion passed unanimously.