Board of Directors Meeting – April 8,2015

Jordan Area Community Council

Board Meeting



Cathy Spann, Executive Director

Scott Tuska, Board Member

Kris Erdmann, Jordan Resident

Nancy Erdmann, Jordan resident

Roger Smithrud, Board Member

Jeff Skrenes, Board Chair

Pastor Orr, Board Member

Ms. Dorothy Thomas, Board Member


-Meeting called to order at 7:08pm.

-Community Input – None.

-Meeting Minutes were approved w/ some updates.

-Committee Reports

  1. Communications – Cathy responded that we’ve submitted a proposal to The Nerdery for a new website, Cathy would like JACC members and the community to write a testimony. Jeff mentioned that the testimonies should include ideas on the content on the website (Crime and Safety Issues, etc.) in order to connect people. Testimonies should include a statement on how it will benefit the org and community. The new JACC Flash (2x/year bulletin) is coming, Joann is preparing it now. Cathy mentioned that we’re looking to cut costs where possible on the JACC Flash and are currently looking for interested parties to get a lower bid.


  1. Housing – Jeff responded that there are now CEE (Center for Energy and Environment) loans available (Safety, Deferred Loan, Low Interest, and Emergency). These loans are meant to improve the Jordan neighborhood and the homes of the residents living in it. Jeff brought up it was a long road and thanked all involved for their efforts in making it happen. Jeff also brought up that he’s extremely pleased at the progress of the VBR properties; there’s visible support from the City, County, Blong, and the Housing Director (Roxanne). There’s still work for the Housing Sub-Committee to do, but the path forward will need to be considered as more information is available. The idea is to push the City/County into purchasing the properties (possibly the top 10 highest risk) and creating a streamlined way of the next open to acquire and rehab the property (or rebuild of torn down). The Broadway Curve (project in 2016/2017) was discussed and there are two homes that would either be moved or torn down. Scott brought up a concern that the current proposal includes building standards that may not fit the model of market-rate housing within an urban setting. Scott asked if there’s housing design guidelines for Jordan, the response was mixed but Jeff responded that the exterior aesthetics and building design may be considered separately. Scott brought up that Common Bond had changed design after JACC had approved the plan and some of the new projects seem to be taking the same course. Roger brought up that we should add a caveat to our letter of support that design changes should be approved by JACC.


  1. Safety – No input from Roger. Nancy asked about the repeal Lurking/Spitting motion brought up in the last Crime and Safety meeting. Jeff brought up that it’s being considered for repeal citing that the responses leading to police intervention are racially disproportionate. Discussion around the meeting included that police response may be slow already outside of the law being repealed. Folwell Park has had fights approximately 9 times in the last month due to the youth ‘Fight Clubs’. Alternatives for youth, the areas of concern due to crime and other issues were listed in the Crime and Safety notes from 3/25/15. Jeff asked about Chris Petersen’s property at 2649 Penn, Nancy responded that Chris evicted the last tenants and is in the process of updating the house to include two new bedrooms. Jeff brought up that Mahmoud Kahn is fighting the repeal of his rental license and it will be a long road.
  2. Finance – Two deposits worth approx. $10K have been made. The property owned by JACC will be coming off the books in the upcoming months.


-Staff Reports

  1. Probation House – Cathy mentioned the Probation House will be closing on April 14th, bathtub to be filled with something and given away.
  2. Funding Opportunities – Greenway, CURA, Bush Foundation. Cathy brought up $1 fundraising campaign. Cathy mentioned we stopped pursuing the Americore funding. Cathy brought up that funding is available from TCHFH (Habitat For Humanity) and will be using it to haelp with canvassing and door-knocking and execute a housing survey within Jordan.
  3. Housing Loan program – Marketing/Advertising. The contracts are in for the CEE partnership worth $405K.


-Other Business – Jeff brought up that he’s interested in getting a Clean Sweep event going.


  1. Board Elections. The board needs to have more members to ensure that there’s enough people to vote or keep the meetings active. Also, only members in good standing can be board members but people that have been to at least 3 meetings can still participate.
  2. Bylaws – Review. Jeff brought that there has been a challenge from a former board member that JACC has not followed its bylaws due to lack of quorum during votes and has since been responded to by the consulting attorney as false and inaccurate. The bylaws need to be changed to ensure the funding from the city remains intact (see issues above regarding members in good standing). In order to change the bylaws a general meeting needs to be held and board elections need to be made via a nominations committee annually. Jeff submitted that a combined bylaws/elections committee meeting be held by June at the latest could serve the purpose. Is there enough time to do the Clean Sweep when the bylaws need to be addressed? Clean Sweep may get pushed out. The bylaws also indicate that the officers cannot serve more than 2 consecutive years in the same position, meaning either a person may have to vacate the position or the bylaws need to be changed. Jeff mentioned that the current bylaws enforce leadership development, also the former chair from the position can act in a supporting role for the new chair. Also, Jeff mentioned the bylaws should be completely overhauled and what could be viewed as mission statements are being blended together. Meeting to be held June 10th, 6:45-9pm.
  3. Grievance and/or Complaints – Jordan resident D. Wagner has a standing grievance about the bylaws that was addressed by the consulting attorney (explained above).


-Executive Session (Closed Session) – None.

-Meeting was adjourned at 8:51pm.