Board of Directors Meeting – February 11, 2015

Jordan Area Community Council Board of Directors Meeting – February 11, 2015

Present and Voting:  Roger Smithrud, Board Member, Jeff Skrenes, Board Chair, Scottie Tuska, Treasurer, Dorothy Thomas, Jordan Resident, Rosanna Hudgins, Jordan resident

Staff: Cathy Spann, Executive Director, Faith Xiong, Community Outreach Coordinator

Others Present: Nate Phelps, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE)

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:54pm by Jeff Skrenes, Board Chair.
  1. The proposed agenda was reviewed. Amendments were proposed to the agenda: Remove board elections from Other Business and review applications and elect new members after the minutes are reviewed. Items were accepted and the agenda was amended and approved.
  • September 2014 minutes were reviewed. Amendment was proposed to correct the spelling of CPED staff name, Edythe Oliveto-Oates. Motion to accept minutes, with amendment, was made and second. September minutes were approved.
  1. November 2014 Minutes were reviewed. Motion was made and second. November minutes were approved.
  1. Board Elections: The board agreed to table the discussion regarding the application for community resident Vicie Willams until she is able to attend a board meeting. Ms. Dorothy Thomas submitted an application to become a board member. She has attended many JACC events and meetings i.e. Crime and Safety, Housing and Board meetings that was organized by the criminal defense attorney serving in Colorado. She shared with the members her passion for working in the community, especially helping the youth and children. She explained her involvement with JACC has been over a year and she enjoys getting involved in her community. A motion was made and second to accept Ms. Dorothy Thomas as a board member. The application was approved. All members present welcomed and congratulated Ms. Dorothy. Cathy Spann gave her a board packet and explained a board training will be forthcoming.
  1. Committee Reports:

Cathy Spann, Joann Osgood and Scottie Tuska will review resumes that were forwarded for the contractor position of Website Designer/Developer. They have reviewed other websites from neighboring agencies.

Housing: There were no motions from the housing committee to recommend to the board of directors. The housing committee discussed addressing VBR properties and scheduling a sub-committee. Cathy Spann informed the members that the staff are in contact with HavenBrook Homes staff and will continue to coordinate a meeting.

Safety: Joel Baird did an overview of how JACC is tracking VBR properties; the members discussed the “Dirty Thirty” List; Business issues in the area and ways to address the problems; Inspector Friestleben and CPS Richard Mass gave an update on the hot spots and crime updates; Luther Kruger gave an update on conduct letters, management plans, etc. Cathy Spann shared that staff will start coordinating a Safety Summit with community residents and MPD.

Finance: Nate Phelps of CEE and the board of directors reviewed the housing contracts to implement the following programs: 1. Revolving Rehab Loans 2. Revolving Safety Loans 3. Purchase Assistance Loans and

  1. Emergency Deferred Loans. A motion was made to remove $5k from Emergency Deferred Loans and $5k from Revolving Rehab loans and to allocate those funds to the Revolving Safety Loan program, for a total of $10k to assist neighborhood residents with low-interest home loans to make permanent improvements to their home that improve the safety and soundness of the home. The motion was second and approved.

A motion was made to close out previous grant accounts and move items to general operating funds. The motion was second and approved.

Grievance: The board of directors reviewed and discussed the grievance. Jeff Skrenes, Board Chair, will respond via a letter on behalf of JACC.

The board briefly discussed the by-laws, scheduling a meeting with city staff, recruiting more members. This discussion was tabled and will be an ongoing dialogue as new members join the board. Jeff Skrenes reminded the board that one change that was approved at the annual meeting was to update and change the address of the agency.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.