Board of Directors Meeting – March 11,2015

Jordan Area Community Council Board of Directors Meeting – March 11, 2015

Present and Voting: Roger Smithrud, Board Member, Jeff Skrenes, Board Chair, Scottie Tuska, Treasurer, Pastor

Nathaniel Orr, Jordan Resident

Staff: Cathy Spann, Executive Director

Others Present: Jeff Strand, NCEC

I. The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by Jeff Skrenes, Board Chair.

II. The proposed agenda was reviewed. Motion was made and second. The agenda was approved.

III. February 11, 2015 were reviewed. Amendment was proposed to adjust the wording in the safety committee

report to reflect the MPD Inspector gave an overview at the Crime and Safety meeting. Motion to accept

minutes, with amendment, was made and second. February minutes were approved.

IV. Community Input: Jeff Strand from NCEC attended the meeting and announced his term is coming to an

end. He gave a brief overview of NCEC and asked the board to encourage and recommend residents to

participate in the next election. He has attended many JACC meetings and enjoyed working with the

community. He gave an update on the Community Innovation Fund; the guidelines and RFP have been

approved; program is a 2-years, approximately $300K.

V. Committee Reports:

Communications: Scottie Tuska spoke briefly about completing the Nerdery proposal. He and Cathy Spann

agreed that staff would do a dual track process by completing the proposal and meet with a community web

designer who has expressed interest in assisting the organization with redesigning its website.

Housing: Jeff Skrenes gave a brief overview of the housing meeting and explained that prior to the meeting

starting, a tour was given of the CommonBond property. The meeting itself was more of an information

meeting for community members to meet with CPED new housing director. He explained that Jordan

resident Joel Baird spoke about the CPED work plan, asked pertinent questions regarding the intent of the

organization and its mission for the past 4-5 years has not been beneficial for the community. He expressed

that the goals and vision were not in line with the community. Jeff stated the meeting went very well and

the new director is committed to working with the community to make changes.

Jeff also stated that during the housing meeting, a few community residents introduced themselves, spoke

about their desire and vision to develop a community garden. They are very interested in working with JACC.

Safety: Roger Smithrud gave an overview of the Crime and Safety meeting. No crime maps were presented,

an update was given by Inspector Friestleben. There was allot of dialogue regarding the shooting of the

officer, the domestic incident and the drug raid that occurred on 21st and Irving. If you are a victim of any such crimes, then hire attorney for probation violation to give you legal counseling and protect your rights. He shared that the police

and community members agreed there is room for improvement in procedure and communications. The

police agreed to door knock with JACC staff and the ACLU representative spoke about citizens’ rights. Cathy

Spann reported that there was a vigil on the Friday after the incident; and she and Roger attended the


Finance: There was a draw completed, $6, 180.61 and the CPP contract has been approved.

A motion was made to add Scottie Tuska, Treasurer, to the list on the lock box at Sunrise Bank and close

account. The motion was second and approved.

A motion was made to add Scottie Tuska, Treasurer, to the account at US Bank. The motion was second and


A motion was made to complete the charitable annual report forms. The motion was second and approved.

A motion was made requesting staff to obtain from Sunrise Bank the payoff information prior to the closing

date of April 17th, 2015 for board review. The motion was second and approved.

Staff reports:

Cathy Spann announced the closing date to sale the probation house is April 17th, time and location to be

determined. The staff are exploring funding opportunities with CURA and the Greenway project; the

deadlines are fast approaching in the month of April. She gave an update announcing that the housing

contracts are signed by JACC and CEE, and we will be moving forward very soon after city signs contracts

with marketing the program.

Other Business:

Pastor Nathaniel Orr submitted an application for review. He spoke briefly that he has been a resident for

over 20+ years, he enjoys giving back to the community, being active in the neighborhood; he believes in

leadership and the call to serve others; he is a father of three college educated daughters, a husband,

minister of his church for 12 years. He is looking forward to working as a part of the board.

A motion was made to accept Pastor Orr as a board member, the motion was second and approved. The

board members presiding welcomed Pastor Orr to the JACC board of Directors.

There was no other business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.