Dec. 2012 Housing Committee Meeting minutes


JACC Housing Committee Meeting MINUTES

Tues. Dec. 4th, 2012, 6:30-8:00pm


6:30-6:40pm: Start, approve minutes and approve agenda

6:40-7:30pm: Elfric Porte, Earl Pettiford and Jim Volle (CPED)

7:30-7:40pm: Yang Xiong (Pharmacy)

7:40-7:50pm: Andy Barnett (Habitat for Humanity)

7:50-8:00pm: WorkforceCenter discussion and announcements

8:00pm: Adjourn



Chair: Polly Peterson

Staff: Cathy Spann and Sandy’Ci Moua

Eric Johnson

DJ Binczik

Scottie Tuska

Jason Vork

Deb Wagner

Kathleen Gulley

Joel Baird

Jeff Skrenes

Chic Hanssen

Roger Smithrud

Lori Baird



Habitat for Humanity: Andy Barnett

Yang Xiong (pharmacy)

CPED: Earle Pettiford, Elfric Porte and Jim Voll


1) Introductions

2) Agenda approved

3) Approve Minutes- minutes not available to review and will be reviewed at next meeting

4) Elfric Porte and Earl Pettiford (CPED):

Problem Property steps:

  1. City is alerted to problem properties from residents, neighborhood groups, city council members, developers, lenders or identified by City staff.
  2. The city conducts an inspection of the property (interior, exterior, soil, structural)
  3. Based on the inspection, a decision is made on how the property is treated. Which includes City acquiring for demolition, City providing financial support for the rehab, another department of the City (Regulatory Services) demolishing the property <<NOTE: In this case, the property remains in the ownership of the private party>> or City allowing the private market to treat it.


The Twin Cities Community Land Bank:

The entity was formed as an intermediary between approximately 9 lenders. These lenders provide a first look of properties before listing them.  TCCLB shares with CPED, the city, neighborhood orgs and developers their list of properties — an opportunity to explore any interest in acquiring their properties.

With respect to the properties that become available through the Twin Cities Land Bank. The waterfall approach that is employed by the Land bank is as follows:

Priority 1:       Development partners with City funding to rehab projects (City provides development gap assistance—difference between the total development cost and the sales price)

Priority 2:       Twin Cities Community Land Bank approved developers without city funding

Priority 3:       City of Minneapolis

City staff sends out letter to JACC notifying the neighborhood of its plan to acquire the property. The community has waived the 45 day review period enabling the city to move forward on appropriate acquisitions.

Three years ago, JACC waived the 45-day review period so that the city can be effective in acquiring land and property. An example of the necessity of this decision is the TCCLB only have a short window to advise the bank of its decision to acquire, typically, less than a week. Absent the waiver, the City would not have been able to acquire properties should neighborhoods take 45 days to review. Elfric reminded the group that the waiver can be rescinded at any time.

Prior to acquisition, staff notifies the neighborhood, The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and obtains the CPED Director’s authorization to make an offer to acquire the property.  An offer is then made on a voluntary basis, that offer may be accepted or rejected by the seller. When they are rejected the property is usually listed as available for offers by the owner’s agent for offers.

Eric suggested getting CPED list for review.

The City of Minneapolis receives lists of tax forfeited properties that the county owns and is asked to classify those properties. The list is sent to the appropriate neighborhood for their review and comment prior to staff taking a report in to the city council proposing which properties it should buy and which should be released for auction. The development partners are informed of the opportunities and they inform staff of their interest.

Other properties become available through the multiple listing service , direct notification from the asset managers of the lenders which City staff performs the necessary due diligence in determining treatment options relative to the identified problem property.

Elfric suggested that residents be proactive and point out problem properties to JACC and also to the city. The city has limited resources to acquire and treat properties.


5) Yang Xiong (Pharmacy):

Talked about need for medication management therapy (MTM)

Pharmacy is projected to open 5-6 months

Is open to doing free community presentations/ brown bags

MOTION APPROVED: Housing Committee approves to ask JACC Board to write a letter of recommendation to support the zoning change.


6) Workforce Center:

Jan. 2013: tentative RFP

People are opposed to Penn and Plymouth area and on West Broadway

Praxis Marketplace is expanding in relation to the workforce center. It’s owned by owned by Glenn Ford- a former executive.

$1-$5 million to rehab and fix the building (workforce center is looking for a developer who then owns the building and it becomes then, a tenant)

DED = workforce center


7) Andy Barnett (Habitat for Humanity):


Background of Habitat for Humanity work and background

Front façade and design

Architectural details

Andy showed displays of updated plans for:

– 2939 Newton: 5 bedrooms (1 on 1st floor)

2 car garage

– 2930 Newton: 2 main level bedrooms

2 lower level bedrooms: windows are 3 ½ feet by 5 feet (land slopes downward)

Discussion about wanting 2 stories (vs. 1 and ½)

– 2939 Morgan: 2 story versus 1 ½ story

MOTION APPROVED: Housing Committee moves to ask Board to support these current plans for 2939 Newton, 2930 Newton and 2939 Morgan.


8) Announcements:

Sandy’Ci, JACC staff, attended City Council hearing on MplsPublic School’s appeal to get permit to build 150 parking lots.

City Council ruled to deny this appeal.


9) Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.