Dec. 2013 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes

Jordan Area Community Council Housing Committee – Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Present:  Joel Baird, Chair, Polly Petersen, Scotties Tuska, Jeff Skrenes, Cathy Spann, Staff, Joann Osgood, Staff

Guest: Rebecca Lucero, Habitat for Humanity, Leah Hubbard, Habitat for Humanity

Presenters: Anne Long, PCYC, Jim Long, PCYC, Jean Bain, Northside Home Fund

Joel, Housing Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:44pm.

The agenda was moved, seconded and approved.

Minutes were reviewed, and the names of two guests were added. It was moved, seconded and approved.  

Anne Long of PCYC presented the Capri Theater Renaissance – Phase II Conceptual Plans. A project PCYC has been working on for approximately 8 years. She outlined the design of what PCYC calls the Glass Box Theater. The new layout will have moving seats in the theater, new stage floor, conference rooms available, ability for people to see inside the building from the street area, class room space available, recording studio, etc. PCYC has been having conversation with Best Buy regarding having a Teen Tech Center at the Capri. If this proposal is accepted Best Buy would furnish the entire space. On the first floor of the new building will also be a catering kitchen. Many community residents have questioned if the marquee will be relocated. The marquee will stay in the same spot. This project will cost 5.7million which includes land acquisition, air conditioning, equipment, furniture, theater seats, etc. The anticipated timeline for the project is to break ground in 2016. The fundraising for the project may take up to 2 years.  PCYC would like a letter of support of the project. The housing committee members recommended to support JACC writing a letter for PCYC to support the Capri Theater Renaissance. The recommendation was put forward as a motion, seconded and approved by housing members present. The motion will be forwarded to the JACC board of directors meeting to be held on January 9, 2014.

Jean Bain of the Northside Home fund presented a real-estate update for the Jordan neighborhood. She gave a review of median sale prices, dollars sold and recent avg sale prices across several North neighborhoods. She presented a market analysis of Jordan in 2013. She gave an overview of upper end of recent sold properties and discuss with the committee members recommendations going forward of ways to work together with the Northside Home Fund. The committee discussed briefly about NHF continuing the work of JACC housing committee, work with developers on rehabs & new builds, monitor rehabs and to join efforts to communicate with investor owners and property managers. The committee agreed scheduling a meeting outside of the housing committee maybe warranted to discuss a working relationship.

Leah Hubbard and Rebecca Lucero of Habitat for Humanity announced that there are two families moving into the Jordan area over the next few months. The first house celebration is scheduled for 6pm on December 12th   at 2939 Morgan Avenue North. They have invited JACC staff to attend and be a part of welcoming the new home owner to the community. Habitat is very interested in creating more ways to strengthen their relation with JACC. They are very interested in working with JACC to create welcome packets, door knock, encourage their residents to get more involved, etc. They will keep JACC staff abreast of all future house celebrations.

The property 2634 Penn Avenue North was discussed briefly and it is a boarded, not vacant property. JACC staff will follow up regarding if regulatory services is working with this homeowner to repair damages that may still be left over from the tornado.

There was no other business/community input.

The meeting adjourned 8:13pm.