December 8, 2010 JACC Board Meeting Minutes

On December 8th, the JACC Board met. Highlights of the meeting:

  • Temporary homeless shelter supported @ 2200 Fremont Ave N
  • Apology by a local landlord
  • Clean Sweep Committee established
  • Discussion to do strategic planning in Jordan neighborhood

Meeting Minutes of the Jordan Area Community Council Board of Directors

December 8, 2010

Present: Lynn Riskedal, Mike McCluskey, Megan Goodmundson, Dennis Wagner, Dave Haddy, Todd Heintz, Eric Johnson, Amy Blenker, James Kpoto

Absent: Grant Jansons, Norris Roberts, Keith Reitman

I.                    Call to Order: 6:38pm

II.                  Approval of November meeting minutes

III.                Approval of December Agenda, with additions

a.      Dennis Wagner moved for approval, Dave Haddy seconded the motion.

b.      Motion passed unanimously.

IV.                Chair’s Announcements

No action taken.

V.                  Committee Reports    (James Kpoto arrived)

a.      Safety Committee

i.      River of Life Shelter. Allyssen Hoberg from St. Stephen’s Human Services presented information on the proposed shelter at 2200 Freemont Ave N. They are seeking an interim use permit for a temporary homeless shelter. Ms. Hoberg had presented to the Safety Committee at the December meeting and a motioned passed at the Safety Committee meeting to send a letter of support in favor of the temporary overnight shelter.

1.      Dave Haddy moved and Megan Goodmundson seconded a motion to have an electronic vote to determine whether JACC would send a letter of support for the proposal. Prior to the vote, an online discussion (via JACC yahoo group) between Ms. Hoberg and community members should take place.

2.      Motioned passed unanimously.

3.      12/11/2010 by electronic meeting: Todd Heintz moved to send a letter of support in favor of granting the interim use permit for the temporary homeless shelter at 2200 Freemont Ave N. Megan Goodmundson seconded the motion.

4.      By electronic vote: 5 in favor, 1 opposed, Dennis Wagner abstains. Motion passed.

ii.      Committee gave updates on Police Buy-back and alley motion detectors concepts. No action taken.

b.      Housing Committee—no report

c.       Communications Committee—board updated. No action taken.

d.      Finance committee—no report

VI.                Old Business

a.      Public Apology by Olufemi Ijadimbola for neglect of 1551 Hillside Ave N

b.      Announcement of Monday December 13meeting with CEE

c.       Clean Sweep.

i.      Dennis Wagner moved and Dave Haddy seconded a motion to establish an ad hoc Clean

Sweep Committee with 5 members.

ii.      Motion passed unanimously. Chair appointed Eric Johnson to head the committee.

d.      Chair announced strategic planning initiative. Mike, Dennis, and Lynn empowered to begin search

for consultants.

i.      Eric Johnson motioned and Todd Heintz seconded a motion to empower the executive

committee to contract for strategic planning 18-24 month timeframe.

ii.      Motioned passed unanimously

VII.              New Business

a.      Matt McGlory, Community Outreach Specialist with Northway Community Trust, presented on

the initiatives of the organization in North Minneapolis and requested representation from the JACC board.

Meetings will take place monthly on Mondays. Megan and Dave agreed to job-share the position.

VIII.            Community Input

a.      Kip Browne and John Hoff spoke.

IX.                Closed Meeting: Discussion of a legal Matter

a.      No action taken.

X.                  Adjourn

a.      Todd Heintz motioned and Dave Haddy seconded to adjorn meeting.

b.      Motion passed unanimously