Feb. 2013 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes

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JACC Housing Committee Meeting Minutes

Tues. Feb. 5th, 2013, 6:30-8pm


Joel Baird

Lori Baird

Kathleen Gulley (Board member)

Chic Hanssen

Mahmood Khan (non-resident)

Ryan Laniel

Ed Lubinski

Darin McGowan (Board member)

Sandy’Ci Moua (Staff)

Polly Peterson (Committee Chair)

Jeff Skrenes

Roger Smithrud

Cathy Spann (Staff)

Scottie Tuska

Deb Wagner

Dennis Wagner (Board Chair)

Jason Vork



Andy Barnett for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Troy Kester for Alliance Housing, Inc.


  1. Call to order
  2. Feb. meeting agenda approved with addition of 3001 Upton Ave N property to agenda items.
  3. Jan. meeting minutes approved.
  4. Habitat for Humanity:
  • Morgan and 2930 Newton Ave. homes will both have Craftsman style home. Adjacent home is alley home. New Habitat home would have to be set back “average” length. Habitat will have to go to city to look into variance to move the house up to be even with the block (vs. set back) and see if this can be modified. If      approved- then house gets an attached garaged, possible front yard but no back yard.


  • Requesting for letter of      support to city. Motion made to write letter of support of variance of  house at 2930 Newton Ave North. Motion second’d.


  • Motion approved to ask JACC Board to write a letter of support to  the city to allow front yard variance of 2930 Newton Ave house.


Mentioned JACC-partnered “Rebuilding Jordan- Resident Planning” workshops (4 total; 1st one on Sat. Feb. 23rd)


5. CPED Waiver:

  • Discussion and update from sub-committee group- no updates to report


  1. Staff and Board Chair Update:
  • Board: regarding last month’s Housing Committee motions
  • Tenants’ Organizing Project
  • List of “JACC-Approved” landlord
  • 1222 25th Ave N: fire-damaged property. The owner appears to live in Brooklyn Park and owns only this single property based on city websearch.


  1. Properties to discuss:

1)      3001 Upton Ave

2)      3000 James Ave N (vacant)

3)      3129 Knox Ave N (potential city acquisition)

4)      3614 Russell Ave N (potential city acquisition, seller: Bank of America)—not in JACC neighborhood (Deb)

5)      2116 25th Ave N (potential city acquisition- see report handout)


  • Motion made to create sub-committee group of community standards. Motion second’d.
  • Motion approved  to create sub-committee of Design Standards


6)      2618 Knox Ave N (Urban Homeworks acqusition):

  • Motion made; second’d.
  • Motion approved to ask JACC Board to write a letter of support to the city in regards to Urban Homework’s purchase of  2618 Knox Ave. North.                                  


7)      1222 25th Ave North: fire-damaged, vacant home. Debris has been removed this week. Will now be vacant lot.


8)      2632 Sheridan

9)      Alliance Housing Inc./Troy Kester in regards to Jordan Apartments at 27th and Penn Ave site:

  • This property is to go back to CPED and be re-introduced as a RFP.
  • JACC Board did approve this construction last June.
  • Plans are to have 38 units of non- supportive housing with income guidelines and 20 parking stalls.


  1. Other business/community input


  1. Adjourn meeting, 8:30pm.