Housing Committee Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2014

Jordan Area Community CouncilHousing Committee Meeting – January 14, 2014

Present:  Joel Baird, Lori Baird, Chic Hanssen, Polly Petersen, Scottie Tuska, Roger Smithrud, Jeff Skrenes, Deb Wagner, Cathy Spann

Presenters: Bill Buelow (GHMC), Kevin Gulden (PRG), Chad Dipman (Habitat), Rebecca Lucero (Habitat), Dean Rose (Broadway Flats), Jackie CherryHomes (Broadway Flats), Troy Kester (Alliance)

The meeting was called to order at 6:39pm. Introductions were done by all parties present.   

The proposed agenda changed and two items added. Under agenda item Presentations: GHMC was added to the agenda to present after PRG and under Updates/Discussions: a discussion regarding tornado damaged trees & houses. The agenda was moved, seconded and passed.

The December 2013 minutes were moved, seconded and passed.

Presentation(s) –

Jackie CherryHomes and Dean Rose gave an update on the development Broadway Flats. The project is moving along nicely, no major issues. They have met with MN State Senator Champion and County Commissioner Higgins to garner their support. They are applying for MHFA funding and are trying to secure funding from DEED. They shared only 2 urban projects are trying to secure affordable housing funding, their project and another in Ward 8, a co-op grocery store. They are confident funding will be secured from multiple sources.

The project will include a transit hub, along with a bicycle hub built in at the location. The project will be similar to SE & the Uptown area. There will be 103 units, 19,000 sq. ft. of retail space, studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, with balconies, a community room, etc.  Overall the project is moving along as planned. Joel Baird, Housing Chair, inquired if there have been any changes since JACC wrote a letter of support in June 2013. Jackie Cherryhome’s agreed to forward any changes to Cathy Spann, JACC’s Executive Director.

Ground breaking of the development will occur 12/2014 – 1/2015 based upon funding award. Dean Rose shared the site will undergo an environmental cleanup due to the site was formerly a gas station. Zoning approvals are set in place regarding parking. One issue discussed was the shared parking with St. Anne. Rose and Cherry homes both explained they do not represent St. Anne’s and gave the contact of Jeff Lotts as a contact person to address any issues or concerns with St. Annes re: parking. Committee member Scottie Tuska inquired about the curb cuts on the project, Rose explained there are two, one for the retail entrance and the other for residential. Roger Smithrud asked about crime and safety issues on the corner. Rose explained that his family has been doing business in the area for many years and it is of great importance to them also and they have a zero tolerance policy. Tuska inquired about what will happen at the former old site of Broadway Liquors, Rose explained it could potentially become phase II.

Kevin Gulden representing PRG announced they are interested in securing the property at 3015 Morgan Avenue North; they are submitting a grant to request impact funds of $25,000; He disclosed he has approached committee member Chic Hanssen to assist on the project. They do not have the right of entry to access the property as of yet from the city. They are proposing 3 bedroom/1bath under the green community’s standard. Projected completion date 10/2014. Gulden asked the committee for a letter of support.  PRG is trying to secure funding thru the city program HOW. A motion was moved, seconded and passed to send a letter of support for project and the development of 3015 Morgan Avenue North.  

Gulden presented 3 styles of houses for the property at 2639 James Avenue North, Craftsman, Folk and Prairie along with floor plans, special note was made: the floor plans being presented would be the same for all three housing styles; the house is 1856 sq. ft., $220,000 construction cost/$160,000 sales price. A discussion occurred regarding the specific styles of houses and different design options i.e. treatment of gables, siding, etc. PRG is asking for a letter of support to acquire 2639 James avenue North. A motion was moved, seconded and passed to support the acquisition of 2639 by the developer PRG for the Folk Design in the Greens Homes North Program.

Bill Buelow representing GMHC discussed the lot at 2635 James Avenue North. He did not have specific plans of design as of yet, however was seeking a letter of support to acquire the land. He asked the committee what their preference would be regarding design. He recommended story in half house with an open porch. The committee member’s invited him to return with designs. He requested a letter of support to acquire the lot. A motion was moved, seconded and passed to support GMHC acquisition of 2635 James Avenue North to build a 1 ½ story home.

Rebecca Lucero of Habitat announced the dedication of 2639 and thanked JACC staff for attending. The homeowner is eager to get involved in the Jordan community.

Chad Dipman of Habitat presented 4 properties, which included 2 private acquisition and 2 green homes north project. Drafts of the proposed designed were submitted. The following comments were made regarding the properties 3102 and 3026 Logan by committee members: put gables in to prevent water on steps, bedrooms are small, wider siding, and colonial doors. A recommendation was made by Joel Baird that committee meet with design staff to address design issues. Additional changes of the green homes north were change columns, change windows, wide steps is a nice touch, lots of windows good touch, front door changes, more craftsman style, railings change.

Committee members made special emphasis on having livable interior spaces versus exterior is just as important, such as kitchen is small and bedrooms are very small. Habitat staff reiterated trying to keep the project within the budget and made notes of changes the committee recommended.  The staff also made special note that Habitat uses a volunteer component and are unable to perform JACC requests, the budget is limited and the design guide is very limited. The committee and presenter discussed in great length what can be done to address design options for 3022 Morgan, 2918 Logan one idea was for 3022 Logan Ave North to have larger middle window on front face of house.

Habitat is asking for a letter of support.  A motion was moved, seconded and passed to support Habitat Green Homes North project design with changes to the entry doors to reflect a more craftsman type design.  

Troy Kester of Alliance provided the housing committee with an update on the status of the Jordan Apts development. He reports there are no changes. The agency is moving forward with building 38 units at 27th to 29th Penn Avenue North;

18 – Studios, 16 – 1 bedrooms and 4 – 2 bedrooms with underground parking.  He reported the ground breaking should occur December 2014 – January 2015. The agency is securing funding from multiple sources: Affordable Housing Trust, Homeloan Bank in Iowa, MHFA, etc. They will also be rehabbing 2105 Willow and 2404 Logan.  


The housing committee members will continue to work on VBR properties and no report was made.


Cathy Spann, submitted information regarding tornado damaged trees and houses to the committee and announced funding is available thru the City of Minneapolis to assist the 5-6 families in Jordan who may need help with their properties. JACC will conduct an outreach effort and contact these families to access their needs.


There was no further business and no community input.

The meeting adjourned at 8:44 pm.