JACC July 2013 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes

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Tues. July 9th, 2013

Housing Committee Meeting Minutes



Ryan Laniel, Jason Vork (Board member), Connie Vork, Robert Hughes, Chic Hannsen, Deb Wagner, Cathy Spann (staff), Sandy’Ci Moua (staff), Joel Baird (Chair), Lori Baird, Jeff Skrenes (Board member)



Hennepin County: Patricia Fitzgerald, Habitat for Humanity: Chad Dipman, and Alliance Housing Inc: Troy Kester (also Jordan resident)


I. Call to order at 6:38pm

MOTION: Agenda approved: adding 1. City of Mpls. Green Homes North,  2. Properties on demo schedule (both under ‘Other business section’). Seconded, voted and approved.


II. Habitat for Humanity and 3015 Morgan Ave. North

Habitat for Humanity opinion:

– costs too much to rehab. But is interested in the lot if it is empty. Owns 3102 Logan (empty lot). 3026 Logan is RSVP’d for H4H.

– Projected life span of a Habitat house is 100 yrs.

– Brush with Kindness: Not tons of “success” in the 8 block area of JACC due to some residents not meeting income guidelines.


Cathy: FYI, 3015 Morgan is a pending demo and city-owned. We can still give comments to the city.


Chic: 2 non-legal bedrooms. Bathroom is illegal off of the kitchen. Den room that can be a 3rd bedrm. No upstairs bathroom. Only 1 legal upstairs. No private developers have looked at this property yet. Holes are in walls due to looking for asbestos.


Deb: major issue is a dysfunctional floor plan. Needs dormers in slanted bathrooms n upstairs bathroom.


Cathy will find out the deadline of demo.


Jeff: suggests we tell City not to tear it down and put this property on hold until a process is put in place.


Deb: deadline for finding out new owner


Cathy: who would be responsible to find owner or developer?


MOTION: survey homeowners and renters about 3015 Morgan Ave. North. Tell City that we are working on this. Seconded, voted and approved.


3026 and 3022 Morgan:

Habitat for Humanity is applying for MN Housing Impact Funds- asking for letter of support: ask us to review a drafted letter.


Cathy asks Chad to get a letter in writing from CPED to confirm that they are committing to not selling.


MOTION: move to write letter of support to Habitat for Humanity’s applications for funding from MN HF (MN Housing Fund). (City has RSVP’d 1 building/lot for Habitat; Habitat owns the other.) Seconded, voted and approved.


III. Hennepin County Penn Ave project update

Hennepin County:

– Metro transit process– still getting started.

– Would like community feedback on project.

– Would like to create a representative group of diverse stakeholders

– Giving JACC a map to label community assets in the next 30 days

– Plans to hold design charrettes: is putting this together with consultants– Bico and Associates

– Roadways improvements are yet to be determined. No concept design yet

– Future potential request of a resolution for JACC to consider supporting this project


Chic: mentions multiple developments on Penn (Alliance, etc.) and suggests Hennepin County to work with them sooner than later.


Cathy: who are the vendors and are they inclusive of this community.



IV. Committee Chair updates

See handout from Joel– picks out certain dates/ tasks to highlight


V. Jordan Gems

TABLED due to time constraints (7:45pm)


VI. CPED disposition process

Cathy: JACC needs to take position on this process: agree, adjust OR disagree.

DEADLINE: end of this month.

Deb: come up with alternatives:


MOTION: tell city that we oppose this CPED disposition plan. Seconded, voted and approved.



VII. 45-day waiver

Motion: to rescind the 45 day waiver. Seconded, voted and approved.



VIII. Property to discuss

2604 Oliver Ave. North home – item TABLED due to time constraints.



IX. Other business/community input

1. City of Mpls. Green Homes North:

TABLED. (Cathy can email document to committee for get feedback.)


2. Properties on demo schedule:

See handout. Committee can send comments to Cathy. Cathy will look at the outside of the properties and try to schedule to get inside of homes.


Joel: get structural engineer.


3. Alliance- Troy:

– Jordan Apts: it got approved through both city council and other entities.

– 2105 Willow Ave N update: trying to raise $100,000 for rehab. Currently discussing partnership to ensure owner occupied model works.

– Would like to ask, on behalf of City of the Lakes Community Land Trust, that JACC supports a letter of partnership.


4. 2819 Knox Ave N:


Damaged tornado property. Small home. Sinking addition. Only “good” features were the hardwood floors. Hole in roof. Acquired by Land Bank.  House pulled from demo because CPED said JACC doesn’t want any homes demo’d.