Jan. 2013 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes


JACC Housing Committee Meeting MINUTES

Tues. Jan. 8th, 2013, 6:30-8:00pm


Chair: Polly Peterson

Staff: Cathy Spann and Sandy’Ci Moua

Troy Kester

Joel Baird

Charmaine Wahlstrom

Deb Wagner

Georgianna Yantos

Ryan Laniel

Eric Johnson

Scottie Tuska

Roger Smithrud

Chic Hanssen

Jeff Skrenes

DJ Binczik (Board)



PRG Inc: Kathy Wetzel-Mastel and Kevin Gulden


1) Introductions

2) Jan 2013 agenda approved with time flexibility


3) Approve Minutes

Both Nov and Jan 2012 meeting minutes approved.


4) PRG Inc: Kathy Wetzel-Mastel (Exec. Director) and Kevin Gulden

Discussed PRG’s current neighborhood revitalization work and past work in Jordan.

Update on 1715 Hillside: rehab not started. Spent $54,000.00 to acquire. Needs $25,000 from HAL program.

Is interested in preserving homes- especially architectural details.

Motion made to JACC Board to write letter of support for PRG Inc. to support their 1715 Hillside acquisition and $25,000 HAL funding. Motion 2nd and voted on.



5) CPED Waiver

Joel: It’s a licensure problem- not a house problem.

PRG Inc. (Kathy) suggests that JACC look into connecting with non-prof. developers (PPL, Urban Homeworks, Habitat for Humanity, PRG, etc.) to give JACC an advanced heads up on any property they are planning to acquire.

Joel, Jeff, Deb, Charmaine, Eric and Scottie interested in forming a sub-committee to look at CPED Waiver and to develop options.

Eric made to motion to JACC Board to rescind this waiver. Motion 2nd and voted on.



6) 2116 25th Ave. North property

Ryan mentioned he is contracted by homeowner Mahmood Khan to work on this property. Shared- from his perspective- the state of repairs.

City states that roof is leaking.

Deb mentiond issues with a “bump out” renovation in the back of the building.

Joel asks about rental license

Jeff wants to keep the property and renovate it (vs. demo’ing it)

Jeff makes a motion for JACC Board to tell city not to acquire 2116 25th Ave N property for demo. Motion 2nd and voted on.

Motion was NOT approved.


7) Outreach strategies

Staff Sandy’Ci gave updates on:

1. status of residents who had a fire

2. outreach efforts from staff

3. Sandy’Ci’s idea to create a “JACC-approved” landlord list


8) Other business

3022 Morgan Ave North property: Motion made to support Habitat for Humanity’s acquisition of 3022   Morgan Ave N for demo and rebuilding. Motion 2nd and voted on.


Staff- Cathy- shared CPED info on how city acquires property.


9) Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm.