May 2013 Housing Committee Meeting Minutes


JACC Housing Committee Meeting Minutes

Tues. May 7th, 2013, 6:30-8:00pm


Shannon Jones (UH)

Russ Barclay (UH)

Mary Novak (PPL)

Mike Spicer (UH)

Wes Schnaidt

Marcia Schnaidt

Chic Hanssen

Bev Scherrer

Kevin Kuschel

Jean Bain (Northside Home Fund)

Deb Wagner

Kathleen Gulley

Jeff Skrenes, Board member

Polly Peterson, Board member

Erin Lilli, Architecture for Humanity

The Bethel Group

Cathy Spann, staff

Sandy’Ci Moua, staff

Alliance Inc:

Kimberly, Board


Manu Lewis, resident

Troy Kester

Kris Brogan, consultant


I. 6:30-6:35pm: Call to order
· Approve last month’s meeting minutes
· Approve agenda

Minutes approved.

Agenda: Scottie would like to add: 2626 Queen Ave N under PROPERTIES to DISCUSS section.

Agenda approved after addition.


II. 6:35-6:40pm: Wes and Marcia Schnaidt
· Potential purchase of 2101 Emerson Ave. N.

Schnaidt is working on financing and plans to live there. He plans to rent out 3 rooms for females ex-felons who are coming out of incarceration and to help them to be correctly re-introduced into the community.

He is working with My Father’s House (John Henderson) who has 2 homes in Minneapolis. Two of these: 1) on 4th near West Broadway and 2) near 30th and Logan (2000 block).

My Father’s House is a Christian-based non-profit and has mainly men’s facilities in Mpls. with some for females in St. Paul. It has liaisons from all correctional facilities.

More info:

Wes’s initiative is working under their 501c3 status.

The released inmates undergo an advanced lengthy application and long-term planning screening process. Inmates with “red flags” are not accepted into this program/housing.

This initiative does not need to be licensed unlike a sober house.

Experience: The Schnaidts have worked at ICCM (church-based organization) for 1 year in various parts of Mpls.

Property is owned by the county for bad taxes.

They plan to return to get neighborhood approval.

There is no zoning variance.


III. 6:40-6:45pm: Erin Lilli from Architecture for Humanity (A4H)
· Continuing community work with JACC

Erin received the Buckman Fellowship from the U of MN which is a $1,000 stipend to use towards continuing work with JACC. Includes potential grant-writing and using her design expertise and training.


IV. 6:45-6:55pm: 2 Project for Pride in Living/ Urban Homeworks rehab projects

Program allows rental as needed options for buyers

Northside Home program is NON-govt. funded

Rental phase helps with credit repair and puts people into pipeline to buy in a set window of time.

No income restrictions


V. 6:55-7:25pm: 27th and Penn Ave. North proposal presentations
· Bethel
· Alliance Inc.

BETHEL (and Twin Cities Construction Consortium):

Jay with DW Enterprises, Hosiah Construction Group (hires ex-felons to construct homes. She is N Mpls homeowner and a minority female owner) and Lead Construction (done some residential work in N Mpls—smaller projects) attended in support of Bethel.

Wants to create fair market.

Proposal plans: Façade improvements and more details are yet to be determined since RFP was very general and vague.

Plans to have 26-28 units with proper setback and parking

Does not plan to have onsite management due to budget constraints.



We do not sell the properties

350 units of housing in South Mpls with N. Mpls: about 80 units

Amenities: laundry, prop. Management office, community space, underground parking,


DISCUSSION: Bethel or Alliance

Motions approved:

1.      Write letter to Bethel to support them to look into parcels to engage them.

2.      Recommendation to board to write letter of support for Alliance Inc.


VI. 7:25-7:40pm: Sub-committee updates
· Design standards discussion

Review period is done. 4 pages modified.

Motion voted and approved: to recommend the JACC Board to adopt this updated version of the design standards guide.

Agreed to table to next meeting:
· Dirty Thirty (integrating Housing Assessment info)
· CPED Waiver


VII. 7:40-7:50pm: Properties to discuss
· 3019 Logan Ave N / CPED (Co-Chair Jason Vork and Staff Cathy gives CPED update)

Motion voted and approved: Recommend that the JACC Board approve JACC to ask the city to go ahead and acquire 3019 and once they acquire and BFORE demo, they offer it to H4H or UB. Approved.

2626 Queen House: property is empty. Possible rental. Rental license was revoked.
VIII. 7:50-7:55pm: Co-chairs updates
· April Board meeting


IX. 7:55-8:00pm: Other business/community input

Staff Sandy’Ci requests for committee participation for May 16th Knock the Block (Listening Session).


X. 8:00pm: Adjourn (8:43 pm)



Motions voted and approved:

  1. Recommendation to JACC Board to write a letter to Bethel Inc. to support them to look into parcels in N. Mpls.
  2. Recommendation to JACC Board to write a letter of support for Alliance Inc.
  3. Recommendation to JACC Board to adopt this updated version of the design standards guide.
  4. Recommendation to JACC Board to approve JACC to ask the city to go ahead and acquire 3019 and once they acquire and BFORE demo, they offer it to Habitat for Humanity or Urban Homeworks.