MPD Asks for Your Help in Identifying Vacant Houses

Attention Block Club Leaders and Community Partners:

January 7, 2011

We need your help. As you know the Northside has a significant number of vacant houses. These vacant homes have multiple negative effects on our neighborhoods including increased crime, lower property values, and livability issues.

The MPD has been working with other city departments and the 4th Precinct CARE Task Force to identify and track vacant properties in the 4th Precinct. While the lists and incident reports that we currently have are helpful, we believe that you, the block club leaders and residents of the neighborhoods, could more effectively and correctly help us identify these properties.

So, we are asking you to canvas your block/neighborhood and to log the addresses of houses that are vacant whether because of foreclosure, being for rent, for sale or for some other reason. Please send the address information to me at [email protected], or call me at 673-2866. If I don’t answer the phone, just leave the information on my voicemail. We are trying to complete the information gathering by Friday January 28th so that we can merge and analyze the data.

Our goal for collecting this information is to identify both long and short term strategies to help us manage the evolving vacant housing problem and reduce property crimes.

Thank you for your help with this important problem.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Thanks again for your help, and for all you do to make our neighborhood great!

Tim Hammett, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department – 4th Precinct
1925 Plymouth Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 673-2866
[email protected]