Oct. 13, 2011- Notice Of Public Hearing – Broadway Liquor Outlet


Date:  October 13, 2011     Time: 1:30pm or shortly after

 Place:  MinneapolisCity Hall, Room 317

350 South 5th Street


Purpose:  Relocation of Broadway Liquor Outlet

The Regulatory, Energy and Environment Committee of the Minneapolis City Council will consider amendments to Chapter 362.40 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances which regulates liquor licenses.  This amendment, if adopted, will allow Broadway Liquor Outlet, currently located at 2201 West Broadway, to relocate to 2220 West Broadway. 

The proposed amendments and staff report will be available on our website at www.minneapolismn.gov/business-licensing.

You are invited to attend, express your opinions, and/or submit such in writing. Send an email to [email protected] or use the next page to make written comments.