November 13, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Jordan Area Community Council Board of Directors Meeting– Nov 13, 2013

Present:  Joel Baird, David Haddy, Polly Peterson, Jeff Skrenes, Scottie Tuska, Roger Smithrud, Cathy Spann, Joann Osgood.

The proposed agenda was moved, seconded and passed.

The October Minutes were moved, seconded and passed.

Cathy introduced our new staff person Joann Osgood

Community Input –

Robert Thompson has been JACC’s representative from the Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations Department.  He is cutting back his neighborhood work to focus on managing the team and doing the insurance work and audit work for NCR. JACC has been assigned Michelle Chavez, who was not available to attend the board meeting.  She has worked a lot in community engagement and is fitting well with the Community Team.  

Robert has discussed with CPED any ways that they can help JACC deal with the Probation House. We could use NRP funds to mitigate code issues.  Cathy contacted PRG, Urban Homeworks and Catholic Charities about how we can sell or rent the property. She has a walk-through with Hennepin County scheduled.   Robert suggests getting on the process to rezone back to residential, but we need to move quickly.

Cathy and Robert and Michelle will meet next week regarding with the Neighborhood Priority plan.

Executive Session: Discussion only. No decisions were passed.

Housing Committee

John Fena requested a letter of support for a variance to continue the current structure as a duplex on a smaller lot and for parking at 1209-11 25th Avenue North.  The committee recommended sending a letter of support for the variance.  A motion was moved seconded and passed to send a letter of support.

The VBR subcommittee met on Nov 12 and prioritized 4 properties to ask the city to acquire and to have them allow the vacant lots go to public auction.  There was a motion to make it clear to the city that we prefer rehab first but it is not the same pool of funds, to acquire the three vacant lots as potential new construction under the JACC rehab guidelines.  The motion further recommends prioritizing 4 properties and holding the other built structures for six months to research possible future disposition. The motion passed.

SafetyCommittee – Joel reported that Jennifer now understands that she is supposed to get copies of contact letters regarding problem properties to JACC.

FinanceCommittee – Cathy processed a draw for CPP funds.  By the end of November, we will have approx. $63,000 and will roll over approximately $41k into 2014.  Monthly expenses will be averaging about $10,500 including a new outreach staff and all bills. JACC will also roll over $33,955.50 from 2011, so will start the year out with available funds of about $150,000.

Cathy will be filling out the CPP application continuing our current focus and will get it in before November 15.

Cathy says JACC will be buying some new equipment including a desktop and a laptop computers. Scottie will work will Joann and Cathy on getting new computers.

CommunicationsCommittee – The Annual Meeting went well. The Newsletter went out. Since Lynn was the chair, the committee will need a new one.

Rickmeyer has filed another complaint but it has not been signed by any officials.

Election of Officers – The following officers were elected at the November board meeting:

Chair – Jeff Skrenes

Vice Chair – Joel Baird

Secretary – Polly Peterson

Treasurer – Scottie

Board Member at Large – David

Roger reported that the 4PAC meeting regarding predatory offenders went well. The next meeting will be Nov 20 at the Living Room at Redeemer Lutheran Church (1716 Glenwood Ave.)

The meeting adjourned at 9:06.