November 5, 2013 Housing Meeting Minutes

Jordan Area Community Council Housing Committee – Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Present: Joel Baird, Chair, Chic Hansen, Jeff Skrenes, Cathy Spann, Staff

Guest: John Fena, Fena Macher Properties

Joel, Housing Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.

The agenda was modified and the committee agreed to move the items for Updates/diScussion to the VBR work group being held on 11/12/13. The agenda was moved, seconded and approved;

Minutes were reviewed, moved, seconded and approved.

John Fena of Fenamacher properties presented a rehab design for the property at 1209-11 25th Avenue North, explained that pros and cons of the development, discussed the available budget for rehabbing the property and gave a history of other properties his company has developed in Old Highland and Hawthorne. He requested a letter of support for a variance to reduce the minimum lot area requirement and a variance to reduce the required off-street parking requirement from two spaces to one space.

The committee discussed the property at length and asked several questions regarding siding and other options that may be available to preserve the current structure. Mr. Fena explained upholding the integrity of

the property as much as possible, what is financially feasible and completing the project in a timely manner for rental.

The committee recommended to support JACC writing a letter for Fenamacher to rehab property and support the company obtaining the variances.

The recommendation was put forward as a motion, seconded and approved by housing:v members present. The motion will be forwarded to the JACC board of directors meeting to be held on November 13, 2013.

The housing committee agreed to switch the location of the VBR work group meeting oh 11/12/13 from Banana Blossom restaurant to the community room at McDonald’s on West Broadway.§The topic of discussion would be all items on the agenda under Updates/Discussion including the Hennepin County tax forfeiture or vacant properties.

There were no further presentations, community input, updates or items for discussion;

The meeting adjourned at 7:47pm.