October 9, 2013 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

JACC Board of Directors Meeting – October 9, 2013

Todd Bane presented a report on what repairs he believes are necessary for the probation house before JACC can sell it.

A motion was moved, second and passed to talk to the city and county about what they can do to help us out of this situation The board also moved seconded and passed a motion to look to see if there is some organization to rent it for a year.  We will need to get the house rezoned back to residential.

Up-coming meetings:

October 15 – VBR Meeting at Tooties

Oct 21 – Offender Process Education Meeting at 6pm.

Oct 23 – Safety Committee Meeting

Oct 24 – Annual Meeting at Parkway UCC

Jason Vork has resigned his seat on the JACC Board because they are moving out of the neighborhood.

Staff Capacity – We have received 15 resumes.  Cathy hopes to interview on Oct 16-17 and hire by the Annual Meeting.

Newsletters are at the printer and will be hand delivered to every household

Housing Committee

Joel brought forward two motions for letters of support from the committee:

The board moved, seconded and passed a motion to write a letter of support for Habitat for Humanity for their design for 3026 Morgan Ave N.

They also moved, seconded and passed a motion to write a letter of support for City of Lakes Community Land Trust to support their funding request for home buyer initiated program.

The meeting adjourned at 8:53.


Resources available to Jordan residents:

Bite Squad