September 11, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Jordan Area Community Council Board of Directors Meeting – September 11, 2013

Present:  Lynn , Andrea, Jeff, Scottie, Roger, Polly, Joel, Cathy

Absent: Dave, Jason, Dennis

Joel called the meeting to order. The agenda was moved, seconded and approved.

Polly read minutes and will have them ready for approval for the next meeting.

Housing Committee – Will tour VBR houses on Saturday.  The city especially wants us to look at 3015 Morgan.  Habitat would like the lot to have near its other lots.  This is not a unique structure but it is a sound house.  The layout is obsolete, but could be turned around by a creative architect.  Scottie says we should stand our ground. TVM Construction is interested in finding properties to rehabilitate. Joel and Cathy will work with them to see if this property could work for them.  Regulatory Services said that they could potentially waive the assessments but the developer or owner would still have to pay the back taxes.

1529 Hillside – Is requesting a variance for a new porch.

Housing goals – Joel is setting up 4 subcommittees to work on various aspects of the Housing mission. He will bring them to the committee at future meetings.

2639 Oliver Hearing – M Khan did not meet the required actions from the last hearing so has lost his property and it will be demolished.  Jeff warned that the process can take a very long time:  It took a year and a half for a property in Hawthorn and that property was a tax forfeiture by the time the process was over.  They have a meeting set up with Narin (directory or Regulatory Services) to discuss how to intervene earlier to prevent properties from ending up on the VBR list.

Joel made a presentation about JACC’s design standards at the North First Meeting on September 10.

Safety Committee

The Police give us crime statistics an information about letters of conduct. Cathy also asked that they give us a report on any raids happening in Jordan and they have agreed to do so.

Dave Haddy is taking over the Dirty Thirty Campaign from Joel.

The board spoke with concern over the high occurrence of crime in recent months. On the other hand, more people are out walking their dogs and being out in the community.

Finance Report

At the end of August we had $ 30,952 in the account. JACC needs to return $150 back to Appetite for Change.  If we keep expenses below $25,000 for the rest of the year we will roll over a lot of our CPF from 2012 and 2013 to 2014.

The Communications Committee will meet tomorrow and on Sept 23 at 6:30pm. They will produce a Flash and work on the Annual Meeting.

Staff Report

Probation is moving out of the JACC house on Oct 18 but will pay rent through the end of the year. Jeff and Cathy met with the bank to discuss options. Cathy recommends that we put the property on sale in October after Probation moves out and that we hire Jean Bain as our realtor. We need to know if we need to get the property rezoned back to residential. Jeff moved and Polly seconded approaching Jean B to help JACC explore selling the house. Another option would be to sell or rent it to another organization.

CPP Update – Money from 2011 contract was rolled over to the 2012 contract and we are still drawing from it.

Recruitment of new board members – several  ideas and people were discussed.

Staff Capacity – Cathy is considering a possible job share w Neighborhood Housing Service to create a benefit- eligible staff position and is applying for 2 Americorps volunteers It will take 3-5 months to put that in place and they are here for one year.

Action Research Team – Dave and Cathy will go to the meeting on Sept 17.

We need volunteers to help with Saturday Sept 21 Street even on Lowry Avenue.

The Annual Meeting will be Oct 24.  If people can help with the planning, please come to the meetings.

News letter:  Cathy wants articles by for the newsletter to her by Sept 27.

There will be Community Election Forums on Sept 24 (5th) , 26 (4th)and Oct 8 (Mayor’s race).

The meeting adjourned at 8:34.