U of M Outreach Smoking Study

One in five adults in the US smoke cigarettes and among these current smokers, 25% of African Americans, 36% of Latinos, and 17% of non-Hispanic Whites are nondaily smokers (smoke less than 30 days per month). Effective smoking interventions are needed for this population to reduce the health risks these smokers face and the occurrence of cancers and heart disease caused by tobacco use in the US population. We are currently seeking participants for a study on occasional smoking lead by Drs. Jas Ahluwalia and Taneisha Buchanan at the University of Minnesota Center for Health Equity. The aims of this study are to better understand influences on nondaily smoking and to inform the design of an intervention to encourage nondaily smokers to quit smoking. Participants will attend a 2-hour focus group meeting. We will provide refreshments during the focus group and participants will be compensated. Interested persons should contact study staff at 612-626-8798 or [email protected]for more information or to sign up.