Volunteer Readers Needed

Volunteer readers needed…

Attached you will find the volunteer announcement and application. The details are pretty simple. Returning volunteers can come to the orientation solely to obtain their school assignment and book.:

1.          Volunteers submit an application to [email protected]s

2.         Volunteers come to a brief orientation (various dates/times in January) where they are given their school assignment;

3.         Volunteers go to their assigned classroom (Feb. 10) at either 9:30am or 10:15am, tell a bit about their personal “college journey” and read the book to the students;

4.         Volunteers complete a short evaluation and send it back to us in a pre-stamped and addressed envelope.

Total time commitment? Around 2 hours.

Impact? Profound…the students adore classroom visitors who read to them.

There are almost 40 elementary schools, most with more than one third grade classroom so we NEED at least 100 volunteers to sign up.

For application click here