Your questions, our answers to June 25th meeting

June 25th 2013 Image for L3SO event

SPEAK UP! Community Notification Meeting

Addressing the Density of Level 3 Sex Offenders in North Minneapolis

Held by Mpls. 4th Precinct Police Dept. and hosted by JACC

 WHEN: TUES. June 25th, 6:00-7:30pm
 WHERE: North Regional Library
1315 Lowry Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

We’re taking final comments or questions- please share them online or via email to: [email protected].

In our conversations with various community members, here are 2 questions they shared and our staff answers:
Q: Will this meeting be “another shouting match” type of meeting?
A: No, we will have a facilitator to guide the conversation and as staff, we will lay out the code of conduct at the top of the meeting to ensure communication remains civil.
Q: Why density as an issue?
A: By addressing density, we can leverage existing ordinances and the state statute to, ideally, suggest new policies and procedures or suggest how to enforce the statute. By doing this, density can be addressed. This can then help cut down the negative misperceptions of North Minneapolis as a “dumping ground.” Instead, North Minneapolis can be seen as more livable which can attract businesses, jobs, homeowners and families to contribute to our neighborhoods.
Elected and public officials will attend and answer your questions-
We look forward to seeing you this TUES. JUNE 25th.